Dangers Posed by Unclean Spirits
When Influencing An Abuser


In the book “Preying on our Children”, we observed that reliance on anti-victim training is unwise because “No matter how well you prepare a child, it is at risk if exposed for long enough to certain types of pedophile—because demons are helping them.”  We also noted that evil spirits will seek to lead the abuser into committing ever more appalling offenses, ultimately pushing him/her towards far more extreme, and hence destructive, atrocities than had been planned or even contemplated. 

But there are at least three further dangers posed when an unclean spirit influences an abuser:

  • An unclean spirit will endeavor to forewarn the abuser of danger (e.g. to alert the abuser to the fact that  someone is about to walk into the room in which the abuse is taking place).
  • An unclean spirit will help the abuser to give plausible excuses, and to present those excuses in plausible ways, when they are challenged.
  • An unclean spirit will enable the offender to charm the socks off those around him, such that people consider him incapable of the ‘alleged’ crime, should he ever get reported.

At the end of the day, evil spirits simply want children to be abused, because it does so much damage and in so many ways.  Thus devils seek to do all they can to assist abuse to occur and keep occurring.  This means they will endeavour to help in every area.  The sneakiness will extend to the pedophile’s relations with everyone.



Just for completeness, here are the observations given in the book “Preying on our Children” when we discussed the dangers unclean spirits pose when influencing the folks around the abuser: 

·         A false spirit blinds a person’s eyes to what is going on. A false spirit will seek to cause us to misread the signs and assume abuse is not possible.

·         If abuse is reported, a false spirit encourages a cover-up.

·         An unclean spirit will not only seek to cover up abuse, but will also enable elders to find fiendishly clever and devious ways to do so.

·         An unclean spirit will tempt church members to cajole and/or intimidate the abused into retracting their charges.

·         Even if a false spirit fails to stop the case going to court, it will seek to get the abuser acquitted or else given the briefest sentence possible.

·         A false spirit will also encourage church members to give the victim the cold shoulder in order to discourage any other congregants from ‘making trouble’ in the future.

·         Even when the abuse is proved, the significance is downplayed. A false spirit will not want a fellowship to take child sex abuse as seriously as the Lord does. This is because a more relaxed attitude will encourage the fellowship to cover up the abuse (or, where a cover-up is not possible, to push the court for the minimum sentence), thereby helping the abuser to carry on abusing. A relaxed attitude also encourages other abusers to give in to their urges.

In view of all the above, Christians should bend over backwards to ensure they do not allow a false spirit to operate in their lives.  Churches need to take great care to stay biblical in all things (see the book “Preying on our Children” for help here) and to avoid experimenting with spiritual practices which are used by pagans (see the two-volume “Alpha – the Unofficial Guide” for help here).