Confusion Over Gender Roles


As we pointed out in the book Preying

Men desire a lovely character in a woman. As politically incorrect as it is to say this these days, men are supposed to be masculine and women are supposed to be feminine. The vast majority of men want their womenfolk to be feminine—i.e. to be sweet, gentle, patient & kind, yielding, soft-hearted, pure-minded, and graceful. But the (somewhat misnamed) feminist movement has urged women to be the precise inverse of this. The resulting lack of femininity is a big ‘turn-off’ for most men and it can lead them to target their sexual drive at younger girls who have not yet discarded their natural femininity [1]. 

Unfortunately, feminism is to be found in parts of the evangelical church today. And it has the same sort of impact on males in affected fellowships as it does on males in society generally. 

But it is not just the feminist movement which is the cause of the confusion in gender roles in our churches.  We men must carry our fair share of the blame, because we have moved a long away from God’s ideal of a true man of God, and our womenfolk have understandably thus attempted to compensate for the lack of masterful, Christlike headship from us. 

If men are not fulfilling the necessary role God has given us, it encourages the women to take up that role. As we have seen, this is very unattractive to most men, and hence they may well turn their attention to younger females.  But feminism also has the effect of emasculating the menfolk even further, resulting in depression (which does not help them fight temptation) and a desire to make up for their loss of position by dominating one or more people (which is likely to manifest itself against the most easily dominated section of the congregants – i.e. the children). 

I make the following comment as one possible way of helping fellowships reduce the pedophilic tendency in their congregants… 

Immediately preceding the huge growth we have recently seen in pedophilia, both feminists in society and in some wings of evangelicalism encouraged women to be more strident, less submissive, and generally less like the great women of God in the Bible.  Christian women today should seek to act with as much sweetness, grace and patience as Hannah did in 1 Sam. 1:8-19.  (Other relevant passages include Titus 2:3-5; 1 Pet. 3:1-9; and Eph. 5:22-24.)  A lack of biblical femininity is highly unappealing to most Christian men and I fear it leads males with a tendency toward pedophilia to target their sexual drive at younger girls who have not become so hardened. 



[i] In a similar vein, a man is designed to provide for his woman, i.e. to cherish her and look after her and protect her. But some Western women today want to be self-sufficient and they hide their vulnerability. This independent-minded self-reliance is rather repulsive to most men. On top of this, Western society tends to diminish a man’s significance and has stripped him of a number of God-given freedoms. In such circumstances, the chance to manipulate, dominate, and even control another human is one more temptation which can drive a man toward interest in young girls.



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