Compromise on Homosexual Practice


Some churches today are compromising on the issue of homosexual activity.  Doing so encourages pedophilia in a number of ways.  Here are three such: 

(1) The Bible makes plain that homosexual practice by humans is an abomination in God’s sight. (Just because homosexual practice can be found to a limited extent in the animal kingdom does not make it natural for humans, else humans murdering their spouses would also be natural, since this happens in the animal world.) But some churches are playing down the true seriousness of homosexual practice.  Downplaying the significance of one type of sexual sin (in this case, homosexuality) is bound to cause pedophiles to imagine their own activities aren’t as serious as they actually are.  This will only serve to increase temptation. 

Even when it comes to homosexual intercourse committed by men in positions of authority within evangelical circles, the proper actions are sometimes not being taken by churches and the sins are being obscured or their seriousness watered down.  When Roberts Liardon, the influential Pentecostal author, was found to be having homosexual intercourse with his youth minister, it was not sending out the best of signals that he was restored to his pastoral ministry within just three months.  Likewise, churches have played down the gravity of Paul Cain’s “extended homosexual relationship” and Ted Haggard’s homosexual activities.  And when Vineyard’s Lonnie Frisbee died of AIDS in 1993 after being in homosexual relationships, he was lauded by some as a “Samson-like” figure - although I am obliged to note that I don’t recall Samson shacking up with another man for months on end [1].

Note that certain churches may still teach that homosexuality is a sin, but increasingly they claim it is “just like any other sin”.  Yes, all sin separates us from God, but that is not what is meant by such a statement.  We are sometimes being told that homosexual practice is nothing especially abhorrent to God.  (One only needs to look at the Bible coverage of the subject compared to that for other sins, to know how false this claim is.)  Again, if a pedophile is taught that all sin is equal he will understandably assume that child violation is no more serious to God than a traffic violation, and this will serve to exacerbate the temptation experienced.

(2) If a church goes further and teaches that homosexuals were created that way by God, this implies that it is permissible to carry out at least some types of homosexual activity.  Pedophiles will conclude that they too were ‘created that way by God’ and that at least certain pedophile acts are acceptable to God. (Despite some claims to the contrary, “no one has found a single heritable genetic, hormonal or physical difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals” that can be replicated” [2].  Consider too that, “prior to the period when the “gay rights” movement started to politicize the issue of homosexual origins … Homosexuals overwhelmingly believed their feelings and behavior were the result of social or environmental influences” [3].  In two major studies, only 9% claimed they were ‘born that way’) [4]. 

Note: Some animals may have been designed to cope with rectal intercourse, but the human body most certainly hasn’t!  For proof, see the pamphlet ‘Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do’, freely downloadable from the website of the Family Research Institute here. 

(3) If a church goes even further and explicitly endorses some types of homosexual activity, this will encourage pedophile activity in several different ways. Firstly, for any homosexual pedophiles in the congregation, it immediately has the effect of partially legitimizing their tendencies.  Secondly, it will encourage any congregants with only limited homosexual tendencies to explore the homosexual road, which (at least in some) will result in pedophilic tendencies.  One may say this is true of heterosexuals too, but as our book ‘Preying’ notes, male offenders who abused girls had an average of 52 victims each whereas this figure almost trebled (i.e. to 150) for men who molested boys.  (The largest number of victims I have come across in the evangelical world were the result of a man abusing boys [5].  And Britain’s worst known pedophile, with 3000 victims over 40 years, committed his crimes against boys [6].  And the world’s worst known pedophile ever, whose tally of victims runs into at least four figures over 30 years, again committed his evil acts against boys) [7].  Beyond all this, and despite propaganda to the contrary by the homosexual lobby, the homosexual track has been scientifically shown to create proportionately more pedophiles than does heterosexuality [8].

There is another, albeit indirect, risk of encouraging pedophilia as a result of promoting homosexuality.  Specifically, boys who are sexually abused by men are, as a result, more likely to suffer temptation in the area of homosexuality in later life.  As we have seen, those who succumb will themselves be more likely to commit pedophile acts, and against more boys, and so it goes on.



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