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[T]hou hast comforted me (Ruth 2:13a)

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Detailed List of Indicators of Possible Child Sexual Abuse


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Unbiblical Features in Parts of Modern Evangelicalism Which Encourage or Facilitate Child Molestation


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"Wonderful ... the book is very well done.
Thank you [John], for your excellent research"
Diane Roblin-Lee, Author of 'Predators in Pews and Pulpits'

"Very thorough, well written, well researched ... biblically sound"
T - an American survivor of childhood trauma

"I really am grateful to you for the work that you have done with this book.
May the Lord bless your work and use it to protect little ones from having to go through what I went through. ... I will recommend [your book] to anyone whenever the subject comes up.
It's helping in more ways than you know. There will be a lot of children who will be spared because of it. Praise the Lord!"
M - a survivor of multiple childhood rape

 "It is an excellent book. [I am] Praying for its success. God bless you!"
Dr. Gregory Reid, Evangelical speaker and author
[6th June 2015, email on file]


It's no secret that there are many child molesters on the prowl today. Less well known is that these people represent a headache for Christians, because our fellowships are usually open to all and because we can be too trusting.

Sexual abuse of children by professing Christians is not limited to Catholicism. For years it has been occurring well beyond Roman bounds. And nowadays it seems to be threatening every denomination, and indeed every shade of church within each denomination, from highly evangelical to strongly emergent, and from cessationist to ultra-charismatic.

As the (non-Catholic) author of this book researched the topic, he discovered that a horrifying number of non-Catholic fellowships have suffered the sexual abuse of one or more youngsters. He also learned that even the best background checks miss the majority of predators.

Child molestation is an extremely distressing subject. When we learn the potential extent of the problem within our circles, we are reluctant to think about it. We tend to assume that God would never let the children in our particular fellowship suffer. But:

                    #    Churches from across the spectrum have been hit.
                    #    The consequences of a child being abused are too awful to risk.
                    #    If one’s church has knowingly compromised on any of the
                              teachings God has given us in His word for our safety,
                              how can it presume on His protection?
                    #    Even if the reader is absolutely certain that their own
                              fellowship is immune, what about those fellowships
                              attended by family members and friends?

This book, five years in the making, reveals the chilling growth in child sex attacks throughout the denominations. It also explains why this growth is taking place, and describes the simple, God-ordained ways in which churches can avoid this hazard and keep their children safe from even the most cunning, determined and experienced molesters and their devastating actions.


Contents Page


Chapter 1


How to Order

Updates & Addenda





Supporting Articles


Extra Reasons Why Molested Children Tend to Stay Silent


Why Incest is Even More Under-Reported Than Other Types of Child Molestation


Dangers Posed by Unclean Spirits When Influencing an Abuser


Instances Within Our Evangelical World Today of Abuse Other Than Child Sexual Abuse


Senior Catholics Who Have Protected Child Molesters


A List of Additional Articles in the Pipeline


List of Child Abuse Cases

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